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Piero Antonio Laverda:

Born in 1947, son of Francesco Laverda who founded Moto Laverda, and brother of Massimo Laverda, Piero studied mechanical engineering at the University of Padova and graduated in 1973. After graduation he joined the technical department of the Laverda factory, beside the Technical Director Luciano Zen: Piero first became Director of the Plant, then Managing Director and finally Chief Executive Officer alongside his brother Massimo. He followed the development and production of all models from 1975 onwards. An athletic man, he actively pursued his interests in motorcycling, skiing and swimming. His first ride on a motorcycle was at the age of 9 on a Laverda 75cc Sport 4-stroke. From 1969 to 1978 he managed the Laverda race teams during endurance and production racing in Italy and abroad. In 1996, he founded the "Laverda Corse" Team with the goal to restore and maintain factory race bikes and promote their participation in historic motorcycle racing. Nowadays he shows and personally races his famous orange bikes in some of the most important European events.

Jean-Louis OLIVE:

Born in 1957, Jean-Louis has been passionate of the Laverda marque since childhood. He is the owner of the internet site www.laverdamania.net, which was established in 2001. Additionally, he is also the author of the book "Legendary Laverda". Devoted to the most famous models of the brand and remarkable for its historical accuracy, the book was published in 2006 and is available in English, German, and French. Jean-Louis collects and restores models of the marque, from the 1963 60cc Miniscooter of 1963 to the 1200cc triples. Over a period of 5 years, he developed and built the "P12XX", a unique 1200cc. It is the epitome of a 1970s Laverda triple in terms of performance and lightness by combining the technical design and atmosphere of the seventies with the best technology of today, both for the frame as well as for the engine. This extreme project is a personal tribute to the Laverda marque.


Like other legendary machines, the Laverda 1000 V6 endurance racer is the result of the ambition of a man and the collective momentum of the team that surrounded him: In this case, their dream to build one of the most significant achievements in the history of the motorcycle was by far more important than thoughts of conquest or victory. To convince sceptics it is enough to just highlight the relentlessness of this handful of men who overcame their differences in rank within the company and sometimes even neglected their own family obligations. Instead they rolled up their sleeves for months of hard work in order to solve the countless technical problems which were bound to arise during this entirely new project. Little by little they converted a simple mechanical task into a supreme art-form, with its share of human adventure, emotion and sometimes drama...


The Launch of the V6 Dossier:

During the weeks that followed, Massimo Laverda organised meetings with Giulio Alfieri in absolute secrecy, in the evenings after working hours, in order to properly assess the context and the difficulties of such a project, and to fix the basics. He systematically incorporated his brother Piero, his faithful Technical Director Luciano Zen, and as of the second meeting, his Head of Design Office Adriano Valente. Valente still remembers his very first participation in these meetings, which took place in the office of the technical section of the factory. Vigorously gesticulating and with the enthusiasm that was so typical for him, Massimo Laverda announced that the factory would build a V6!


The Laverda Corse Team

The enthusiasm and the passion people have for two wheels can initiate encounters and create friendships that last a lifetime.

This is the case for the "Laverda Corse" Italia team, made up of a few former employees of Moto Laverda, who closely witnessed the extraordinary history of this company since the second half of the sixties. With their work and their input, they substantially contributed to the creation and success of the unforgettable and legendary models of medium and large displacement during the 70s and 80s.

They are engineers, riders and mechanics who have preserved factory race bikes, and for more than a decade now, have restored them in perfect condition.

These motorcycles were involved in production and endurance racing of their time, and they are successfully presented at prestigious meetings and demonstrations of classic motorcycles in Italy as well as abroad. One of them is the object of this book, the V6.

Based on the desire to continue practicing motorcycle sport and to share their own enthusiasm with like-minded people, the sports group "Laverda Corse" was founded, with its main objectives being:

·  To participate in various endurance races for classic motorcycles,

·  to preserve and promote the knowledge of Laverda race or sports bikes,

·  to encourage their restoration and preservation by enthusiasts from around the world,

·  to promote meetings and exchanges between owners and collectors of Laverda motorcycles.

·  to attend, together with other Laverda riders, meetings and historical events on road or track in Italy and Europe,

·  to promote and develop the relationship between the various European clubs of the marque and those of other Italian marques.

·  to identify classic Laverda race or sports-bikes which are still actively participating in sports events.

The Laverda Corse team members are: Piero Antonio Laverda, Giovanni Laverda, Augusto Brettoni, Edoardo Dossena, Roberto Gallina, Fernando Cappellotto, Giuliano Cogo, Gaudenzio Miglioranza, Bruno Schevolet and Marnix van der Schalk.

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